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    Housewarming is one occasion when you really run out of ideas for buying a gift! Because it wouldn't be appropriate to gift jewelry or bags or gadgets. Well most people end up buying a vase or dinner set or may be something for home decor. Come to think of it, if everyone attending a housewarming brought with them just ceramic or glass ware or dinner sets wouldn't they all end up in a garage sale eventually. How about a personalised gift that will be custom created just for your recipient! At Violet Indigo we have a wide range of housewarming gifts and each of them will be personalised to add a personal touch to your housewarming gift. Artworks, Canvas, Frames and home decor goods always top the list when you think of a new home! So why not create a personalised artwork or canvas or choose from our unique range of personalised and engraved wood photo frames. We also offer some stunning and unique personalised pillowcases, cushion covers, calendards, coasters, placemats, mugs, etc. What makes Violet Indigo gifts special and different from the others is the fact that each one of these will be customised to create a unique and personalised housewarming gift.

    We all know how much a new house means to the owner and a housewarming ceremony is the right time to congratulate the new owners and wish them the very best of their lives in their new home! So give them a gift personalised for them. Most of our housewarming gifts will allow you to add a special message and/or date as well to your personalisation. We also have a huge range of photo gifts to choose from and needless to say your recipient will love to showcase their photo memories in the new home. But if you do not have a photo and would like to create a personalised housewarming gift with just the name(s), we offer you a wide range of choices with names and/or message in personalisation.

    Are you confused with all the choices offered and would like to receive some assistance in choosing the right housewarming gifts? Send an email to us and one of our team members will get in touch with you. If you have a deadline or want the gift by a certain date mention this when placing your order online for housewarming gift.
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