the ultimate gift store for life’s celebrations is born today!

Well, our website is more than a few steps away being the ultimate gift store today, but we are thrilled, excited and greatly proud to tell you Violet Indigo is born!

It is not just another website but a great new undertaking… A fresh look at gifting and being gifted…

With a mission to be your ultimate destination for gifts by being the most comprehensive online gift store, Violet Indigo is all set to redefine your gifting experience!

And how do we do it? Simple…We make it easy for you to express what you feel…We let you personalise your gift…We believe everyone is unique and so is every relationship…When you give a gift, you are expressing your emotions in a tangible form…And what else could be better than to personalise your gift!

We have done the hardwork for you! We have searched through the planet for the most touching, passionate, loving, caring, cool and fun gifts and we bring them all to you under one banner…And even better at affordable prices that are too good to be true…:!:

So shop around at VioletIndigo and enjoy! We know its not perfect yet…You can expect to see new additions every day and we are constantly improving our site for better user experience…

??May I help You??
We are glad you asked..You could be of great help to us by letting us know what you think..

Share your thoughts!
We would be greatly thrilled to hear from you. So feel free to submit your stories to and we will publish it here(under your name if you like)…

Violet Indigo
Celebrate Life!


“Every Gift from a friend is a wish for your happiness” – Richard Bach

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