the greatest gift i ever had came from god – i call him dad!

The greatest gift I ever had Came from God; I call him Dad!
~Author Unknown

Tomorrow is the day celebrating fatherhood – Father’s Day. Its the time of the year to honor fathers and needless to say gifts are a part of this special day. Sometimes it’s difficult to find the perfect gift to say it all. And so I thought I will make a list of top 5 questions to answer “What would be the best gift to give my Dad?”:

1] How do you feel about your Dad?
2] How do you best describe your love for him?
3] How do you thank him for being what he is?
4] How do you tell him you admire his wisdom, his courage, his integrity?
5] How do you tell him you trust him more than everyone in this world?

This makes it even more difficult because now I know I must give him the gift that would answer these questions. Well, a personalised gift custom made for my Dad would be the best choice IMO. For occasions like this, sometimes just a small personalisation makes the gift extra special.

At Violet Indigo we believe that personalised gifts — the gifts that express our unique feelings about the special person in our life — make the perfect gift.

The gift will show your appreciation, but what’s more important is the time you spend together with your Dad!

“There are some things gifts cant say, for everything else there is Violet Indigo”

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