romeo and juliet happy ending custom edition ! a truly personalised romantic gift..

Romeo and Juliet happy ending personalised edition - romantic gift!Its gotta be one of the most romantic unique gifts you can give your love! Romeo and Juliet printed in a custom paperback edition starring you and your love as Romeo and Juliet.. What that means is that you play the part of the famous lovers in this all-time romantic classic… What’s more romantic about this edition is that the story ends with a “happily ever after” ending!! A new scene is added after Act V Scene III.

Look no where else for your valentine’s day gift this season!

You can choose the names for the main characters in the book and the place where the story takes place. Your story could be happening in Sydney or Brisbane or Paris rather than Verona! The book will be printed customised for you with your names substituted for the names of the main characters throughout the book. The paperback edition will be professionally printed with a personalised book cover with your names and optionally your photo as well. To make it even more personal and touching, you can choose the dedication message for your book!

Now imagine this romantic classic printed with your names and photo on your coffee table! Your guests are going to be envious!

What an amazing gift to express your most personal emotions about the special someone in your life… This will make your love feel special, loved and exclusive!

This will make a unique gift for all occasions. But best suited as valentine day gifts, birthday gifts, wedding gifts, anniversary gifts and all other occasions when you need an exclusive gift that will be beautifully romantic!

This Valentine’s day how about buying a unique gift that deserves to be treasured forever rather than something that will go into a garage sale next year!

So what are you waiting for now? Get him/her this amazing gift and make your lover feel exclusive…You are just one click away – Shop here!

This is a very unique gift in Australia for the first time.

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