ps i love you – personalised gifts

Sometimes that is all that you need to say to express everything you feel about your partner…Sometimes that is all that your partner wants to hear from you to be reassured of your feelings…Sometimes that is all that there is to say….Nothing at all..and then P.S I Love You…Because when two people are so much in love tht is all that there is…Love.. If you ask me to choose my best romantic design among Violet Indigo’s personalised wall art collection for couples, then this one will be my favourite…I love all the designs and being a romantic at heart I find each one of these romantic wall arts so unique and so romantic. But then you ask me to choose just one then this will be it…Its sheer magic! To have this personalised with the names of the lovers…its such a classic! And a lovely wall art decor piece for any bedroom shared by two people in love…irrespective of age…I personally like the red colour theme but then Violet Indigo offers a variety of colours to choose from if you are specific about the wall art blending with the colours of your bedrooms walls. If you are not sure then the classic black will probably go with most dull coloured walls and the classic white will be perfect for dark coloured walls..If you would like to make it exciting then choose some bold colours and go ahead and make your guests envy you…Not just because you have a beautiful wall art there in your room but also because you are so much in love and blatantly expressing your love your each other… And like the rest of the wall art designs, you can choose to have this printed as a fine art print or a stretched canvas ready to hang in popular sizes. If you choose a fine art print, remember the frame is not included – you have to do your own framing. But the sizes are commonly printed sizes and you will be able to find a frame easily. So are you in love? Just got married? Celebrating your wedding anniversary? Just looking for ways to express your love? Looking for something unique to decorate your room? If you answered yes to any of these then order one of these and you will love what you receive!

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