Christmas Ornaments

Celebrating Christmas is fun and family event. Decorating your home for Christmas is an essential thing for bringing in the festive mood…. And Violet Indigo has unique collections of ornaments and Christmas decors that you can use to give a personal touch to the decorations you do. Our decorative includes and are not limited to Ornaments, wreath, Stockings, bauble, Santa Sack, advent Calendar, Christmas tree Skirts, stubby holders, Cushion Covers, personalised Christmas photo frames, etc… All the above mentioned decors are all personalised and will stand unique from the ones which are available in regular markets…..

Our Christmas Ornaments are high gloss porcelain made and will have a golden thread for easy hanging. We have a series of personalistation choices, just take a look at our Christmas Ornaments and we know that you will be more than tempeted to buy them.
photo calendar

To make it simpler for you to choose, we have categorised the ornaments in the following themes… Please check them out… You will love them for sure

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