Christmas Gifts

Order your Christmas Gifts well in advance and don’t leave it as a last minute task! Last year you might have ended up buying a box of chocolates or duty free perfumes or just wine! Well these are goodies everyone will love any day but make your Christmas special with our personalised Christmas gifts that can be cherished as keepsakes for years to come…

We have a range of christmas gift ideas for everyone in your list. Our christmas gifts for kids comprise of personalised bags, swim bags, towels, camp chairs, sun hats and a whole lot of other cool stuff for Summer and school!

And of course our gorgeous home decor collection will leave your visitors stunned and you proud!! So hurry up and order soon since we need a couple of weeks in hand to create your personalised gift.



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personalised swim bag for kids

Our personalised swim bag for kids has been a hit for years now! This season we bring to you a vibrant, bright and funtastic design that is sure to make your kids feel fashionable while having fun at the pool or beach. Design includes toggle and tie, so also suitable for sleepovers, sports days or just extra storage. The bag is made of polyester and is water resistant!

The best part is that it comes personalised with any name and is available in 2 design choices for boys and girls. The blue Ship Ahoy design personalised swim bag for boys is cool and stylish while the pink tutti fruti design personalised swim bag for girls is adorable and fashionable!


So go ahead and order our personalised swim bag at our store and give your kids a beautiful gift! Christmas is not too far away. This would be perfect as a Christmas gift for children and kids will be thrilled to have them all year round!

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ps i love you – personalised gifts

Sometimes that is all that you need to say to express everything you feel about your partner…Sometimes that is all that your partner wants to hear from you to be reassured of your feelings…Sometimes that is all that there is to say….Nothing at all..and then P.S I Love You…Because when two people are so much in love tht is all that there is…Love.. If you ask me to choose my best romantic design among Violet Indigo’s personalised wall art collection for couples, then this one will be my favourite…I love all the designs and being a romantic at heart I find each one of these romantic wall arts so unique and so romantic. But then you ask me to choose just one then this will be it…Its sheer magic! To have this personalised with the names of the lovers…its such a classic! And a lovely wall art decor piece for any bedroom shared by two people in love…irrespective of age…I personally like the red colour theme but then Violet Indigo offers a variety of colours to choose from if you are specific about the wall art blending with the colours of your bedrooms walls. If you are not sure then the classic black will probably go with most dull coloured walls and the classic white will be perfect for dark coloured walls..If you would like to make it exciting then choose some bold colours and go ahead and make your guests envy you…Not just because you have a beautiful wall art there in your room but also because you are so much in love and blatantly expressing your love your each other… And like the rest of the wall art designs, you can choose to have this printed as a fine art print or a stretched canvas ready to hang in popular sizes. If you choose a fine art print, remember the frame is not included – you have to do your own framing. But the sizes are commonly printed sizes and you will be able to find a frame easily. So are you in love? Just got married? Celebrating your wedding anniversary? Just looking for ways to express your love? Looking for something unique to decorate your room? If you answered yes to any of these then order one of these and you will love what you receive!

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Family Tree – Personalised Wall Art

This is one of my favourite designs in the Family theme Wall Art designs at Violet Indigo. It is a beautiful gift for a family member or for anyone whom you know cherishing their family and their loved ones! The artwork design is a tree with birds of a family perched on the branches. There is a mum, dad bird in pink and blue and then you can choose as many baby birds as you want upto a maximum of 5 children. Choose and personalise with your choice of family name and year (optionally) to be printed below the family name as “Nesting Since year”.
The design comes in two color choices for the background (Ivory or White). And you can choose to have this printed as a fine art print or a stretched canvas ready to hang in popular sizes. If you choose a fine art print, remember the frame is not included – you have to do your own framing. But the sizes are commonly printed sizes and you will be able to find a frame easily.

I would recommend this for Fathers Day and Mothers Day but it is also a good birthday gift for anyone! Needless to say that it is a fantastic Christmas Gift for a special family celebrating the spirit of Christmas as a family together forever..And if you are not really after a gift but looking for something to adorn the walls of your house then hey this is the best for you – it is personalised, elegant and unique. So go ahead and order one of those or as many as you like and we will have them delivered at your door as soon as we create your own unique personalised wall art.

Product Link: Family Tree – Personalised Wall Art


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personalised wall art

Check out our new range of personalised wall art (prints and canvases) to suit every occasion and recipient. Watch out this space in the coming weeks for more interesting stuff to browse for your Christmas shopping online! Don’t assume that the stuff is only for kids since most of the websites in Australia only sell personalised wall art and canvases for kids only. We have a huge range of designs for couples in romantic designs and also to suit weddings and anniversaries. And no we did not forget the family occasions and so we have some wonderful designs for family (to gift mums, dads, grandparents and in general for family). We also have some exciting stuff in general designs to suit any occasion or recipient. And of course the cute ones for the newborns and their christening! So yes we have something for every occasion and for anyone you are wanting to gift! With Christmas around the corner why not buy something unique and personalised this year as a Christmas gift. We will talk more about our wall art collection right here in our blog. So watch this space.

View entire collection

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Christmas Decorations 2015

Its that time of the year again! Christmas 2015! At Violet Indigo we have done a lot of hard work to bring to you a great range of Christmas Decorations, Christmas Gifts and wonderful ideas to cherish the memories of your Christmas celebrations. We are sure you will be pleased with our unique collection of beautifully designed personalised gifts and personalised Christmas decorations. To make it easy for you to find your perfect Christmas Gift we are working on our website to display the products in an easy to find manner. If you have any suggestions, feel free to write to us. Wishing you all the very best in organising a memorable Christmas 2015! Keep watching our blog for updates on all our new Christmas productsand Christmas Gifts.

Christmas Decorations

Christmas Decorations

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Personalised Photo Frames – New Designs, Great Choices

There is nothing like a wonderful moment of your life captured for eternity in a beautiful photograph! But in this age of Digital photos how often do we even bother to dig through our photos and have a good time reliving the good old times through a photograph? Well what better way than to print the photo, give it some life and then SHOWCASE it in a beautiful personalised photo frame. We know its a lot of hard work creating a personalised photo frame and not everyone has the time and access to create a customised photo frame. So at Violet Indigo we are here to do the hard work for you. Just order one of our personalised photo frames and we will create a unique photo frame just for you personalised (Either custom engraved or colour laminated) with your choice of name and message. We have a wide range of personalised photo frames to choose from for different occasions and recipients. Most of these frames also have colour choices. So whether you are looking for a Birthday Photo Frame, Anniversary Photo Frame, Wedding Photo Frame, Friendship Photo Frame, Family Photo Frame, Christening Photo Frame, Baby Photo Frame, Fathers Day Photo Frame, Mothers Day Photo Frame, Christmas Photo Frame, we have one that is right for you. Needless to say our photo frames make excellent personalised gifts for all these occasions. Or if you are looking for a wonderful addition to your home decor this will do just that and of course as always all photo frames come with FREE PERSONALISATION. Click here to browse our entire collection of photo frames.

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Personalised Pillowcases – Unique Home Decor

What could be more unique in yourhome decor than having custom made pillowcases and cushion covers -personalised just for you. If you are looking for new ways to spice up your room decor then have a look at our personalised pillowcases section. Some of our best selling gifts are in this department and just have a look to know why! Imagine surprising your partner as he/she walks into the bedroom with a pillowcase that says I Love you with your name and your partner’s name. A fabulous gift idea for Valentine’s Day. And for weddings and anniversaries our Mr. and Mrs. Pillowcases in many designs are a big hit! They come personalised with the couple’s last name or in some designs – their first names. And for all seasons and couples of all generations – a timeless form of romantic gesture – “Always kiss me Good Night”. Having this printed on the pillowcases with your names is a strong reminder of a simple but sincere act of love everyday.

We have photo pillowcases, photo cushions and several themed designs as well like our famous yellow floral collage cushion cover and our black floral theme photo cushion cover. We are adding new designs all the time – so check out this department if you are looking for new ways to improve your home decor or looking for great gifts!

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Valentine’s Gift for a Soulmate

Looking for a unique and memorable Valentine’s gift for a soulmate? Have a look at our stunning ‘Soulmates’ collection for personalised gifts that speak volumes of your love and the depth of your emotion. These unique designs are one of a kind and we believe they are a must have addition to every romantic’s home decor. What else could be more romantic than few words of immense love personalised with your name and your lover’s name. Needless to say that its the simple yet sincere acts of love that keep the romance strong for years to come…. An expensive piece of jewellery or an exotic trip to an island will definitely be impressive but without a doubt your valentine will fall in love with a soulful declaration of your love and if its on a beautiful piece of home decor, then it will act as a constant reminder of your love every day – every moment. Order any item from our Soulmates collection and you have a piece of valentine keepsake to cherish for years.

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Valentine’s Day Gifts – Feb 14, 2011

This Valentine’s Day keep it simple and sincere with our one of a kind Valentine’s Day Gifts peronalised specially for you. We have a range of gifts to embrace the spirt of Valentine’s Day in the most soulfull manner. With gifts that speak of sincere love you cannot go wrong. Whether you are looking for a gift to propose your love for the first time, or to cherish your love for your partner we have something for you. Order online and have your gifts delivered to you or to your recipient directly. Beat the rush and order as soon as possible – if you delay you may have to end up buying just flowers. Several surveys have indicated that the last thing a woman want’s for Valentine’s Day is Flowers but somehow men do not plan their gifts ahead and end up buying flowers everytime. Not that flowers are a bad idea but hey think about it – there is only 1 day of a year when you can get sentimental, emotional, heartwarming – and what not. Why not make use of this opportunity to give a Valentine’s Gift that truly impresses. Browse our Valentine’s Day Gifts section and you will have a good time shopping online for gifts for your lover. There is no reason to leave it until the last minute for a Valentine’s Day gift. “Love is the master key that opens the gates of happiness.” – Oliver Wendell Holmes

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